About me


Creating is a necessity of life for me, just like breathing. 

An idea arises in my head which will develop, slowly takes shape, during the creative process in which I start to work things out on my canvas, a symbiosis arises between my brushes, my canvas and myself and I see the work almost developping itself, as if it arises from itself. the feeling of happiness, my emotions, my knowledge, can all be found in my works, each of which is totally unique, originated from my ideas.

Me working on beautiful paintings

Training & exhibitions

I studied techniques in various studios in France

I studied at the art academy online in the Netherlands with Marjolein van de Stoep

  • France: about 20 exhibitions in various places, including an exhibition in a gallery in Lacaune les Bains.
  • Netherlands: in the town hall of Almere
  • Spain.. a few exhibitions, including in the palm park of Elche (world heritage)
  • Dubai: an online exhibition
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